What is eLearning?

eLearning is any form of electronic learning that provides an online network for the delivery and interaction of educational material. The learning could take place individually (guided or instructed by a computer) or as part of a class. The learner can use eLearning to acquire a skill or a task. At GUST, we utilize both the University network and the Internet. Online courses can be accessed within classroom sessions as teaching aids inside GUST’s smart classrooms. Students and faculty can access these courses anytime, anywhere provided they use a computer connected to the Internet.

What is the eLearning Center of Excellence (ECE)?

The GUST ECE provides students and faculty with online development tools in order to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. A team of experts is there to answer queries and provide assistance when needed.

Is eLearning of high quality?

We believe that the answer is YES! ECE has set standards to ensure online courses meet international benchmarks and are recognized worldwide.

eLearning ensures consistent high-quality by:

Providing the same teaching materials that can be repeated again without losing or missing any element. It is also offered to all students even if they don’t attend the same classroom sessions.Online courses can be easily accessed, modified and updated.

Why is it important for GUST to provide eLearning?

In the era of technological information, it goes without saying that academic institutions should prepare new generations for what is waiting outside: a sharp and competitive world where globalization has made it difficult to remain isolated.

One of the main qualities one should have is the ability to learn quickly. New developments are happening now at a fast pace in all industries, and the only way to remain in the game is to keep on learning as innovations occur.

eLearning is the most widely-used technique for continuous training today, and its growth is expected to expand more in the coming years.

GUST offers its students the opportunity to be acquainted with and to master eLearning at an early stage; therefore, be prepared for what the future has to bring. eLearning promotes self-motivation and independence, hence generating active learners who have acquired the habit to continuously seek new knowledge on their own.

Finally, the use of advanced, educational technologies in classrooms allows more effective and highly satisfactory learning/teaching environment for both faculty and students.

What are the advantages of eLearning at GUST?
  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible via different devices
  • Training can take place anywhere and at any time
  • Reducing the printing of class notes, students can access online
  • Integration of activities, Resources, video & audio and other media in one place.
  • Possible to view parts of lectures and view different courses at the same time- reduces time
  • Environment friendly- less use of printing papers and can be accessed via the Internet anywhere.