Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I had a login or password problem with SIS/Email/MyGUST?

For any login or password related issues, please contact IT Department: 25307444 or visit IT help desk on the ground floor.

Whom shall I contact in IT department if I had an issue with MyGUST?

You may create a ticket on or call on 25307443 / 7344 or send an email to You may also visit us in N6 Basement.

What is the most recommended browser to use for MyGUST?

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

When can I see my enrolled courses in MyGUST?

If you have enrolled for any course in SIS , you can see your course on MyGUST after 24 hours only. If you are unable to see after 24 hours, please send a screenshot of your SIS to the eLearning email address. To take a screenshot, click print screen on your keyboard, and save it as a file or take a picture from mobile and attach it to the email.

Where can I find course materials uploaded by my professor?

You can select your course and find all the material after logging in to MyGUST.

What should I do if I’m in the waiting list?

If you do not find your courses after Add/Drop, please report to the IT Department .

What should I do if I’m a visiting student?

If you are a visiting student and cannot see your courses on MyGUST, please report to IT Department.